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Put this generalization. The waves are a type of object, it is created may be due to natural, human, and due to some factor other circumstances, waves exist in the form of fixed and non-fixed.

The waves are quite pretty as well known in the world of abstract physics waves can exist in the form of energy, can also be a form of mechanical .. 
As for cartons, paper waves to do? 

       In Gothic architecture tic ancient times it was known to the centripetal and centrifugal forces, gravity in this light when it passes through a circular structure, which means that circular structures that can withstand the object with larger gravity equal gravity as it been linear. 
    In a fun experiment were presented with a math problem is to set aside a second paper on the bottle mouth, and on which they can work to a certified weigh 2 ounces that paper folding is not broken, do not believe you ? 
      To accomplish this miracle, they fold the paper into the crease basically means making waves for it, and indeed they did this witness did work on two sheets of paper sits on top of the paper the bottle mouths. 
     Taking advantage of this is that the design they created waves carton carton paper for only one purpose: to simply create stiffness, force capability when it sits better in the world's original paper, but on actual technique of the carton waves, so that it can fulfill its mission it also depends on many factors, for example, the use of paper to wave as wave A and wave B, wave C or wave E, AB ..
It must also depend quite heavily on quantitative paper means here is basically the thickness of the layer of paper when it participated in the wave tank production. In the fabrication techniques for waves this paper, they must rely on a number of factors and following basic principles. Create wavelengths (called the Lan-Da) as appropriate for each type of waves on the paper as well as the wavelength 
      To create waves it uses a fairly simple way is to roll it runs on a circular iron shaft diameter from 50 cm to 2 meters depending on the speed of the machine that the diameter of this surge device large or small roller type gear-like the gears of course not sharp but corrugated.

In the implementation process of paper-folding operation they have additional warming of paper in a process steam by heat treatment, the most suitable temperature for to avoid tearing when it is created waves. synchronization with devices create waves, it would be glued to paper (link) layer waves this paper along with the paper surface layer or the bottom layer of paper, would be a layer of paper between, when it is used to produce carton 5 layer or 7 layer. 

        The link to this paper layer technique is simple so long of using glue, with compound middle deck (called tubers can follow wheat) combined with a number of other additives such as NaOH barrel 5% level .. the use of this compound when making operation were causing pollution to the environment, and does not guarantee the safety of technical standards under ISO International Standards, Including applications Ukanic adhesive technology in today's mass production has removed this. The safer consumer ISO of the water in Europe and America has given the companies use additives glue some definite advantages to penetrate difficult markets and this potential . 
To complement the amount of heat required to slightly soften the paper and provide enough moisture to create waves large paper mills were used in oil burning technology, but the use of oil Fuse Fuse due to the relatively high cost of some plants are gradually tend to use coal. The use of coal is contaminated by the wastewater environment, so the application of the exhaust gas purification technology is a very urgent task now for the factory carton packing

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  • Put this generalization. The waves are a type of object, it is created may be due to natural, human, and due to some factor other circumstances, waves exist in the form of fixed and non-fixed.
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