09/10/2014 | 10:27:28

Carton package processing in Kinh Bac Pakage Factory

Carton package processing in Kinh Bac Pakage Factory has pass over 5 main stages.

Warehouse materials are carefully preserved in the standard environment temperature and humidity to ensure the paper materials are the highest quality before entering the packaging production process.

The first stage of processing in the production of cardboard packaging is outsourcing wave. In this stage, will perform wave generator creates ribbed material for paper and paper layer covering the surface with a hard cardboard surface. 
The wave 5 layers, 3 layers (wave A, wave B, AB ...) created by the whirlpool stage. Last stage is machine cut and trim automatic carton forming sheet according to predetermined size.

The format will be put into carton flexo printer 7 colors and modern in content, color and mold closing packages are integrated in the machine to make crude product packaging.

End closing process printing and packaging crude will be forwarded to the complete machine automation tech box. After this phase will complete packaging and packaged products. (Photo employee testing and packaging of finished goods).

After the production process, packaging of high quality products stored in the warehouse of finished products with environmental preservation standards before being delivered to customers.
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